Personal Loan Singapore

Everybody will inevitably encounter rough financial times in their lives, but thankfully there is now a solution when you hit rough waters.  Instead of pawning off your belongings and hoping to score a higher paying job, a personal loan through us is now an option.  We make it our mission to offer fast, convenient and cheap loans to help get you through those tough times.  Our loans are guaranteed and you can trust us because we employ highly experienced and knowledgeable money lenders that can guide you through each and every process.

What is a Personal Loan?
To put it simply, it is a loan that can be used for any personal reason.  Compare this to other types of loans, such as a mortgage, which can only be used for purchasing a home, or a car loan which can only be obtained for purchasing a new vehicle.  A personal loan can be used for a variety of purposes including the loss of a job, purchase of new clothes, home renovations or to catch up on late bills.  Our loans are licensed and backed by a number of organizations and institutions, so you can feel safe and secure when you receive a loan from us.

Is it Right for You?
If you’re considering obtaining a loan, there are some questions that you should ask yourself.  Refer to the bullet points below to consider if obtaining a loan is right for you:

  • Collateral – Do you have something that you can offer up as collateral to obtain your loan?  Oftentimes this is a requirement unless you have very good credit.  Collateral could be a house, car or property, as examples.
  • Employment status – It will be easier to obtain a loan, and you will get lower interest rates if you are currently working.  Even if you’re not working it is still possible to obtain a loan, although your interest rates may be higher, and your terms may be longer.
  • Needs – Before you apply for a loan, you must ask yourself the reason for obtaining it.  Have you recently lost your job and have bills piling up?  Do you want to complete renovations on your home or business to improve its value?  Do you have a family member or loved one that is facing insurmountable medical bills?  These are all valid reasons for obtaining a loan.

Remember that obtaining a loan is a big responsibility, and paying it back on time is of paramount importance to avoid ruining your credit or reputation.

How to Obtain
Obtaining a personal loan with us is very easy.  If you have decided that you are a likely candidate for obtaining a loan, all you need to do is fill out the simple form on the right hand side of your screen.  After filling out this form and submitting it, our agents will review the information you provided and will notify you if you are a candidate for receiving a loan or not.  Remember that this form is free to fill out, there is no obligation involved, and the loan can be received in as little as a few business days if you are accepted.  We offer convenient and easy-to-follow monthly installment plans for paying back your loan, and we work with you, not against you when it comes to paying back your loan on time.

Obtaining a personal loan can be a big financial decision, but it is often a decision that will help both your short-term financial situation, as well as long-term financial situation.  Obtaining a personal loan through us is a great decision and a great way to escape from financial burden.